Schindler’s Tavern – Jesse Hammock


City : Chaffee, MO
Venue : Jesse Hammock at Schindler's Tavern
Address : 1029 State Highway A
Time : 8:00 PM


That’s right. Home of the bologna burger, and one of the best dives you will ever enter. First walked into this place as a kid. I was hauling hay in the those hills and cutting thorn bushes when I was 15 years old…

The night after Thanksgiving has always been a night for friends to get together after the turkey was put in the fridge and the fam had been put to bed. I expect this year to be no different and am glad to be so close to home and at one of my favorite dives in all the land.

I’m going to go up to Bo Ralph’s farm the day of this show and have a look at that barbed wire fence I built him after I snagged a case of Budweiser out of the back of his truck. “Crooked as a rat’s tail!” is what he hollered, I believe.


Schindler’s Tavern
1029 State Highway A, Chaffee, Missouri 63740
(573) 545-3709