Rural Design Award Block Party – Jesse Hammock


City : Alton, MO
Venue : Jesse Hammock - Rural Design Award Block Party
Address : Downtown Square in Alton, Missouri
Time : 7:00 p.m.


A great thing going on in this here little slice of Americana of a town — Alton, Missouri. Looking forward to this show and spending some time with these people. Come on down to the CWC, across from the post office, around 5pm. Share a bowl of chili and listen to other fine musicians with me before I go on at 7pm. This is a free show.


“Members of the Oregon County Food Producers and Artisans Cooperative (OCFPAC) in Alton and the Alton Chamber of Commerce will celebrate with the community Nov. 20 through 22 a national award package valued at $40,000 to refurbish a vacant building and create an edible courtyard…” — West Plains Daily Quill, READ MORE

“The big thrill will come Saturday Nov. 22 when we have our party on the square. The Co-Op will be throwing a community shindig to celebrate the workshop and all we’ve been able to come up with together by cooking a bunch of chili and having a dinner on the square with some fine music including Ed Barnett and Darrell Johnson, True Country, and this gent, Jesse Charles Hammock, II. You might know him from Powder Mill. If you are able to register and come for the open community forum on the 22nd (pre-party), you’ll also get free Spring Dipper ice cream! Neil’s making us some special fall flavors…” — The Oregon County Food Producers and Artisans Co-Op, READ MORE