Rude Dog Pub – Saturday with JCH2 and Colonel Morris


City : Cape Giradeau, MO
Venue : Jesse Hammock at Rude Dog Pub
Address : 123 North Main Street
Time : 8:00 PM


You all know how I feel about the Dog, its patrons, barkeepers, its acoustics, and its jukebox. I hope to bring in a few guests over the course of the weekend, but either way…thanks for having me, thanks for listening, and thanks for giving a damn Rude Dog Pub!

Lets move that door and get us a stage in 2015 whatcha say Weber? Todd? Davey Boy? Anybody? Hell I can just see it. Y’all boys is handy with them tool belts and construction and the like. I would do it myself if I was handy, but I’m more handsy than handy y’all know. I can check the oil…I just can’t change it. Whose oil will I check on the weekend of Jan 23rd and 24th, 2015? Come on down and we shall see.

– JCH2