JCH2/Hammer & Nails-The Boat House Wine Co.

JCH2/Hammer & Nails-The Boat House Wine Co. on 9-13-14

City : Bloomfield, MO
Venue : JCH2/Hammer & Nails-Boat House Wine Co.
Time : 9:00 PM

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This here will be the first show billed as Hammer & Nails. Essentially I called these guys after I realized the album I was making at the time, The Fall, was going to end up being a pretty good record and I would need some guys to back me up as I would be doing shows in support of the album upon its release.

Well, since Jeff Chapman and myself started working together, and I’m talking musicly collaborating and such, because if you track back to when me and Mr. Chapman started working on the river together and such, well then your talking decades. But since we started writing, recording, and playing shows together we would come up with bad ideas from time to time and good ideas sometimes and every once in awhile we would have these grand ideas that seemed out of reach by the way of thinking of most reasonable folks out there walking the earth. Jeff would say” Dream it big or go on home…..”

So with this “Chapperson Manifesto” in mind I called up the best pickers and skinners I had met over the past years of playing dives, dance halls, barrooms, festivals, parking lots and all the living rooms and dark alleys in between. To my dismay my first choice in regards to each instrument I yearned to have on stage with me every night, agreed to play a small get together which would pay very little, but would allow us to test the waters and to see if we could once again take 3 or 4 different influenced and experienced pickers and audibly comfort one another all the file by the 3rd measure of each song have em all dancing together.