JCH2/Hammer & Nails-Main Street Grill

Jesse Hammock at Main Street Grill in Jonesboro, AR on 9-12-14 with Hammer and Nails featuring Matt Pierce.

City : Jonesboro, AR
Venue : JCH2/Hammer & Nails-Main Street Grill
Address : 320 South Main Street, Jonesboro, AR
Time : 8:00 PM


Heading down to J-Boro for an acoustic JCH2 and friends show. A few of these Hammer & Nails shows will feature one of my favorite guitarists I have ran into out on the road, Mr. Matt Pierce. Far as my preference for honky tonking rocking roll he is my favorite picker on the circuit, as well as a good dude who is always sharp as razor. Probably lives on the edge of town. HAHA!

The first show I played with Matt Pierce was an outside deck show in early August with some heat coming down. The man shows up looking ready for cowboy church, slickern owl shit. Looking forward to this one.