JCH2/Hammer and Nails at Soulshine Pizza


City : Nashville, TN
Venue : Jesse Hammock at Soulshine Pizza
Address : 1907 Division Street
Time : 8:00 PM

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For those of you unfamiliar I have many different “handles” if you will, regarding the listing or presentation of my performances, shows, etc….sometimes its Jesse Hammock, JCH2 and friends which isn’t so rowdy, all the time anyways, Powder Mill which is quite the contrary or Hammer & Nails which refers to a full band backing me doing these songs I do, usually consisting of drums, teles, steel guitars, fiddles, and such…..

Breaking out the big guns for this one here. Sgt. Slaughter’s Lonely Hearts Club tour. 2 sets of raucous honky tonk the night before Valentine’s Day in Nashville, TN. Should be a heart and face melter. More dates TBA. –JCH2