JCH2/Hammer & Nails-AmericanaFest Week-Soulshine Pizza Factory

Jesse Hammock at Soulshine Pizza Factory in Nashville, TN on 9-19-14 for AmericanaFest Week

City : Nashville, TN
Venue : JCH2/Hammer & Nails-Soulshine Pizza Factory
Address : 1907 Division St., Nashville, TN 37203
Time : 8:30 PM

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Me and the Nails will be galavanting through the streets of Nashville, TN all week and playing my songs off the new album on Friday night. Mac Leaphart, a friend and fellow picker and songwriter will also have his outfit playing a set after we wrap up.

A great week in Nashville, TN indeed and a great spotlight on in my opinion the very best kind of music being made in the world right now. Americana. Even gots its own Grammy category these days as it should be.