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Powder Mill — New Mountain
Release date : Jun. 03, 2008
Label : Trumble Hill Studios
  1. New Mountain
  2. Highway Robbery
  3. Overpass
  4. Darkness Of The Sun
  5. Baby Yo Man
  6. Whose Hands
  7. Ozark Girl
  8. How Far We've Come
  9. What You Are To Me
  10. Meth Lab Blues
  11. The Devil & New Orleans
  12. Heaven Help Us

New Mountain

A guard dog chained to three different locks to a moonshine still in the back of your Ozark neighborhood meth lab.

Buy the CD: $15 : Fred’s Country Fried Rock : Powder Mill, “The Devil in New Orleans” (2011)

The tune follows in a great tradition of storytelling songs, offering up a heart-rending story of a family that fled New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and ended up in Memphis, where things didn’t get any better for them. The acoustic version puts the hopelessness and despair of the story on full display. The electric version puts a Southern rock groove behind it and gives it an angry edge.