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Money, Marbles and Chalk
Release date : Jun. 01, 2010
Label : Trumble Hill Studios
  1. Another Mile
  2. Billy The Baptist
  3. Worth
  4. Hand To Mouth
  5. All I Know
  6. Engaged to Get Divorced
  7. Hillbilly Heroin
  8. The Dog Bites
  9. Cold Ice Water
  10. I Will Survive
  11. Righteous Wrath
  12. Bed Of Roses
  13. The Urge To Roam

Money, Marbles and Chalk

Powder Mill’s unique blend of hillbilly slopbucket rock and outlaw country incorporated into songs full of Ozark grit, soul and thunder.

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Washington Post : What you should be listening to …

One of the best rock albums of 2010 came creeping out of the Ozarks stinking of meth and misery. Powder Mill, a grizzled Missouri quartet, felt like Southern rock’s answer to Dead Moon: a band of outsider survivalists who understood greatness and sounded like they had lived hard pursuing it.

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