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Do Not Go Gently
Release date : Jun. 02, 2009
Label : Trumble Hill Studios
  1. Runnin' People Down
  2. Do Not Go Gently
  3. The Truth In The Wind
  4. Wet Moons
  5. Back To Carter County
  6. Ain't Like We Never Had It
  7. Time For Your Medicine
  8. Decade Woman
  9. Back To You
  10. Let 'Er Blow
  11. Sinful Grip
  12. Trailer Trash
  13. Forgotten Son
  14. Lonesome Mama
  15. The Ringer

Do Not Go Gently

Hellbilly storytellers whose brand of slopbucket rock embraces their traditional Ozark backwoods roots.

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Review of “Do Not Go Gently” by Dennis Cook of Jambase

Do Not Go Gently jumps into your lap with a cold beer and a wicked grin and just keeps getting better as it wiggles the blue off your jeans. Different sections will hit you harder on different days, where the tough-minded opening section hits your sweet spot on pissed off, hating the boss days but the thoughtful, fiddle dappled simmer of “Wet Moons” or “Lonesome Mama” feed your wistful workingman’s soul in the wee-wee hours. Regardless of personal mood, the sheer togetherness and raw talent of this band is just a pure fuckin’ pleasure.