Land Of The Free

I used to live up in a gold mine, wore alligator boots and 3-piece suits
It was damn fine, alright, Lord it was good
But now things are on the decline.
I put the pen on the paper and none of it rhymes and the rhythm’s off time, I can’t play it like I should
I get nervous when the wind blows, lookin’ at our children and all of the debt and how they both grow, but who they gonna owe
Maybe the good Lord knows, your own kin will turn you in, and then they act like foes and send you up the road, tellin’ what you grow.

Can’t trust the government, can’t trust the police
Bullshit and fine print, they bought and sold me
In the land of the free
It’s always the same
It’s how it’s always gonna be
They keepin’ us locked and chained

So I moved to the backwoods where I can grow and the man don’t know and the huntin’s good, the fishin’s fine.
And one day I think I should, find me a wife and start a new life and live like a good man would most all the time
I ain’t a working for the man no more, I don’t need his greed and I can plant a seed, show him what’s in store, give him what for
Don’t ya come around my door, lest you can outrun a pump shotgun
Hear the barrel roar, feel the lead pour


40 Miles West Of The Cotton

Another Ozark morning, goin’ on day 3
Drinkin’ elderberry wine and sippin’ on mushroom tea
We’s out all night dancing, drinkin’ beers for free
Polishin’ the boards down at the honkytonk, just my baby and me
Aww naw just my womern and me
Naw just my baby and me

Do you remember that ol’ sheriff
He’d be out in the woods
Makin’ no arrests, doin’ no good
You could smell anhydrous ammonia, burnin’ right through the breeze
He’d say take it, and do what I told ya boy
Bring it all to me
Aww ya best bring it on back to me

40 miles west of the cotton, beneath them tall pine trees
where old times ain’t forgotten (Naw they never will be)


We get up in the morning before the smoke come through the trees, Lord you come and see us and I think you’ll all agree I said LAWD
I think you’ll agree
I think you’ll agree
Won’t ya come here and see

Knockdown Dragout Love

We first met in the parking lot of my hometown bar
You were being drug out by the hair of your head, and by your arm
To your car
And your boyfriend at the time cussed you to the ground
And for me it was love at first sight
So I came up and I knocked him down and I still wear the scars from that very night

We got a knock down drag out love, somethin’ real that the Lord made up above
We got a knock down drag out love, sometimes its sweet, sometimes its rough

Not one week later, you were frying me taters and catfish at my trailer which you now called home
And in the first month, the cops got called a lot
For us fightin’ and screamin’ and sometimes it got worst
And about the tenth time, police came and hauled me off and I spent 3 days in the county jail
And not one thing mama has ever got me off like you did when you did when you threw my bail


After ten years, we finally got married at the courthouse in our hometown
And I had ten beers, and a pint of vodka and when I got down there, I was fallin’ down
We signed the papers, no kiss no ring, and we left the courthouse in separate cars
And when I got home, I made love to you like I hate you, and I woke up this morning sittin’ behind these bars


Mississippi Showboat

I’m a Mississippi Showboat, biding my time
Sitting in the dry dock since around 2 double ought 9. (Come on in)
Every bit as real as the sand and mud, I got cold, dark river water in my blood
I’m a Mississippi Showboat, biding my time
Catfish struggle at the other end of the line, won’t quit struggling the good Lord knows that they cant quit dying
I quit dreaming twenty years ago, life is short but goddamn it’s slow
I don’t fight the current no more I just let ‘er flow

Yeah, I’m a showboat, I go from town to town yeah I push it up stream and turn back around
Showboat, I throw my anchor down, leaning up against the levy watch them river rats drown
And it’s hell hot steam Captain, let ‘er rip
I’m a paddle wheel cruiser honey, that ain’t no ship
Mess with a Mississippi showboat ya get pistol-whipped

Gravity’s a bitch, her grip can be so unkind
Lookin’ back on my best years ya know they were not mine
I’m lost in the fog, and man it’s cold
And no one gives a fuck about ya when ya get old
Oh no, all my best years been bought and sold (Don’t ya know)


Yeah, I’m a showboat, they call me Delta Queen, I’m the biggest baddest, motherfucker ever seen
Showboat, I play the guitar mean, I take you to St. Louis or down to New Orleans
Yeah I’m a Mississippi Showboat….biding my time.